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Weekly Constituent Survey Question

I will frequently post a new survey question on my website addressing one of the important matters facing our nation.

Go here to take this week's survey question:



What part of the immigration reform debate do you think is the most important?

Border Security 24%
Path to citizenship 10%
Crackdown on employers hiring undocumented workers 9%
Reform worker visa programs like those for seasonal, high-tech, and agricultural workers 3%
We need a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that includes all of the above 54%


What should Congress do about student loan rates?

Temporarily freeze student loan interest rates at 3.4% 37%
Enact comprehensive student loan reform 46%
Do nothing - allow interest rates to double to 6.8% 3.5%
Recalculate rates every year based on market rates, which could go lower or higher than 6.8% 13.5%


Should Congress amend the No Child Left Behind Act?

Yes, the law is fundamentally flawed, therefore Congress should reverse it. 33%

Yes, although based on a strong premise, changes should create a broader approach to education that does not solely focus on standardized test scores.


No, the act has improved public education.